Type 10 Wellhead


Manufactured from landfill gas resistant PE to provide a wide range of LFG wellheads
to suit individual applications.

Comprises a sleeve, regulating valve outlet and monitoring point.
The top of the wellhead is fitted with a removable blanking plate which can be adapted to accommodate any leachate pump.
It fits over the top of the gas well extraction pipe and will accommodate any settlement.




- Simple construction
- Allows for settlement
- Flow control at wellhead




Comprises a 90 mm inner pipe which fits inside the gas well extraction pipe and is sealed with a flexible coupling. An internal spacer keeps the internal pipe central. Fitted with gas and leachate level monitoring points.




- Low cost
- Easy to install
- Accommodates all settlement
- Can be cut and refitted
- Control at wellhead or FRS
- Sizes from 90 - 200 mm




A combined gas/leachate extraction wellhead which allows precise monitoring and flow regulation from each extraction well within a landfill gas system.
It comprises an upper chamber into which the extracted gas flows, cools and forms condensate. A dewatering lance connects the upper chamber to a reservoir at the base of the wellhead from where it can flow back into the well.

The reservoir also acts as a hydraulic seal against the suction vacuum.
A large diameter internal pipe also runs from the top to the bottom chamber into which an AUTOPUMP® can be installed to control the leachate level within the well. The outer sleeve fits over the top of the gas extraction well liner, and depending on the model, can allow up to 2 metres of settlement.

The SD315 can be fitted into a collection system either ‘in-line’ where the gas passes through each wellhead and is continuously dewatered or ‘end-of-line’ connecting individual lines into a Field Regulation Station (FRS). It can be fitted with or without an internal regulation valve.





- Manufactured from HDPE resistant material
- Sampling points for gas pressure & temperature
- Sampling points for gas quality & flow
- Internal calibrated regulation valve
- Pipe or flanged inlet connections
- Inlets from 90 - 160 mm OD
- Staggered inlet/outlet for additional dewatering
- Removable cover plate
- Internal pipe for pump installation
- Condensate reservoir & hydraulic seal
- Accommodates settlement up to 2 metres
- Range of designs to suit application
- 315 mm outside diameter
- Extraction well sizes from 90 - 160 mm


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