Type 10 Wellhead


Manufactured from landfill gas resistant PE to provide a wide range of LFG wellheads
to suit individual applications.

Comprises a sleeve, regulating valve outlet and monitoring point.
The top of the wellhead is fitted with a removable blanking plate which can be adapted to accommodate any leachate pump.
It fits over the top of the gas well extraction pipe and will accommodate any settlement.





- Simple construction
- Allows for settlement
- Flow control at wellhead




Comprises a 90 mm inner pipe which fits inside the gas well extraction pipe and is sealed with a flexible coupling. An internal spacer keeps the internal pipe central. Fitted with gas and leachate level monitoring points.





- Low cost
- Easy to install
- Accommodates all settlement
- Can be cut and refitted
- Control at wellhead or FRS
- Sizes from 90 - 200 mm



A very good solution when we want to collect the biogas produced and at the same time  us to continue to deposit waste in the active cell of the landfill is by installing EGC well heads.

These wellheads are placed at any desired level we want, even from the beginning of the cell and allow us to easily lift them while depositing and increasing the level of waste, protecting the vertical biogas collection pipework that is placed partially inside them and by connecting on the top a temporary horizontal pipework we can collect the landfill gas and lead it to the flare unit without venting in atmosphere until to wait for the final restoration of the cell is completed.

Unlike conventional concrete wells with holes which gradually raise these EGC wellheads are filled with gravel to act as a filter outside the inner HDPE screen, are forming a complete landfill gas extraction well at this is lifted up over time thus no additional drilling costs are required when the cell is filled to the top.

They are is at least 4 meter length sections, so that the top 1m remain outside to allow us to monitor the wellhead, and the 3m bottom section to be into the ground not allowing air to enter into the gas collection system.

They are very robust compared to the concrete rings, and not been destroyed by either settlement or by the movement of the waste compactors.

They maintain the verticality of the pipework, the landfill gas enters the wellheads and is been extracted much more efficiently while we can easily plug in a horizontal pipework and lead the landfill gas to the combustion at any time.

Optional, they may allow the installation of leachate pumping system simultaneously with the extraction of landfill gas, they may be fitted with flow valves, sampling and monitoring points for leachate level, pressure meansurement and landfill gas composition.