It is advantageous to reduce the number of control points within a site. For this, horizontal gas collection pipes from a number of wells are grouped together at Field Regulation Stations incorporating a manifold system together with valves and monitoring points. Condensate can also , easily drained at this point uning either Syphon or Pumped Knock Out Pots.


Made either from HD-PE or galvanized steel pipe.

OPEN or IN-BOX options available.

The Basic Manifold Assembly Comprises:

HD-PE manifold body of sufficient length to accommodate specified number of inlet valves
One end sealed-off or fitted with a flanged outlet and opposite end is fitted with a lever operated gas outlet butterfly isolation valve.
Outlet flange backing ring to suit project’s requirements.
Gas inlets can be single sided or double sided.
The IN BOX option can be fabricated from HD-PE, GRP or steel.
The exact size of the IN BOX is determined by the number and sizes of the inlet pipes and whether these are needed to one or both sides of the main body of the manifold.
The main body manifold diameter is designed to provide equivalent suction to each gas well inlet regardless of individual valve settings.


Manifold Manifold IN BOX