Since 2003 TECON is the distributor of GEOSENSE, leading U.K. manufacturer of instrumentation for the geotechnical, structural, mining and environmental industries.

 Geosense manufactures geotechnical and structural instrumentation for monitoring the safety and stability of civil and mining structures such as dams, tunnels, mines, foundations, piles, embankments, retaining walls, slopes, subway systems, underground powerhouses, bridges, culverts, pipelines, shafts, excavations, tiebacks, nuclear waste repositories and ground water remediation schemes.

Based on state-of-the-art technology, all our products are built to an accredited quality control system and designed to withstand the challenges of the most extreme environments.

 Geosense specializes in the manufacture of vibrating wire sensors which are used to measure strain, load, force, pressure and temperature and are universally recognized for their long-term stability within the harsh environment often found in civil engineering construction sites. Vibrating wire is now widely accepted as the most suitable technology for geotechnical applications worldwide.

Geosense also supplies a full range of other instrumentation including inclinometers, tilt sensors, piezometers, data loggers and readouts, settlement systems, convergence monitors, strain gages, crack meters, joint meters, load cells, pressure cells and extensometers and many other custom items made to order.


Iso 9001:2015

Internationally-recognised quality management system which covers responsibility, design control inspection and testing, delivery, internal quality audit procedures, training and servicing. ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees to customers that a quality control management system is in place and strictly adhered to.

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