Biofilter and odor control systems products and solutions

biofilter systems are not in need of permanent maintenance.

biofilter systems are manufactured to suit any project’s design, and to any air flow required.


1.       Vent Pipe Biofilters

The vent pipe biofilters have been specially designed to reduce odors from various vent pipes, and is ideal for use in vent gas wells in landfill sites.

The specific vent pipes biofilters should be used in wells with

A small airflow rate where space does not allow the use of a stand-alone biofilter.

The vent pipe biofilters come in standard range of sizes, fitting various ventilation pipes, and are simply inserted into the vent pipe.

Depending on the environmental conditions the biofilter material may last up to 7 years.

The replacement of the filter material is an easy and inexpensive process.

The used biofilter material can be readily composed. 


  Biofilter Vent Pipe

2.       Stand Alone Biofilters


The Stand-Alone biofilter, with it’s compact design and long servise life, can be applied to relieve a variety of different odor problems.

Used in sewage treatment plants, landfill sites and sewage storage systems, but also in the food and chemical industry.

They are designed to treat airstreams from 20 to 500m3/hr.

To adapt to higher airstreams of up to 2600 m3/hr, our Stand Alone biofilters can be run in a two to four unit arrangement.

These filters can be used as inexpensive passive biofilters, and are readily upgradeable to active biofilters, at any time, by the addition of a coverand a fan.

A controlled surface irrigation system is optional.

Depending on the environmental conditions, the biofilter material lasts for 3 to 7 years.

The replacement of the filter material ia an easy andinexpensive process. The used biofilter material can be readily composed.


 StandAlone Biofilter


3.       Conteiner Biofilter systems

Modular Container Biofilter Systems consist of one to four double walled filter containers to treat airflow rates in a range of 300 m3/h to 20.000 m3/h.

The outer wall is made of steel with a treated and painted outer surface.

he inner surfaces are coated with 4 mm heavy-duty polyethylene.

For higher air flow rates we offer special tanks as biofilter containers.

The plants are of a rugged design and for an automatic operation mainly free of maintenance.

Typical applications: waste water treatment plants (WWTP), landfills, composting facilities, food industry, chemical industry etc.


 Conteiner Biofilter System 350 m3hr


4.       Biofilter material

Our filter material is based on shredded pine roots.

 Physical Properties

Dry Weight (bulk weight)                                     appr. 150 kg/m3

Wet weight (biofilter material in use)                     appr. 280-420 kg/m3

Water holding capacity                                         appr. 270 kg/m3

Back pressure at 150 m3/m2 x h of area load         <3 mbar/m=300 Pa/m

pH value (range of stable operation)                      2.5-8.8.

 Area load (max. allowed)                                     230 m3/m2 x h


 Biofilter material