The IDR1000A machine is ideal for any Alternative Daily Cover Material product application.

Versatile & Economical.

The IDR1000A unit is the most economical unit ever. You can easily manage professional quality seeding, fiber mulching, straw tacking, and much more.

Feature Filled Operation.

The IDR1000A unit features a durable, 1100 lt capacity HD Polyethylene tank, a hydraulically driven and reversible mechanical agitator for fast and thorough mixing, simple controls for economical one-man operation, a progressive cavity pump that handles the thickest of slurries with ease.

All Around Performance.

The IDR1000A unit can fit onto a trailer , pick up truck or any other unit that suits the clients demands.


POWER : 22 hp (16.5 kw), 900cc, electric start, air cooled gas, reversible hydraulic engine, oil guard protection.

ENGINE SAFETY : Low oil pressure, high water temperature shutoff.

SYSTEM TANK SIZE : 1,100 liter liquid capacity.

DIMENSIONS (mm) : 2600 x 1400 x 1600 .

PUMP : Progressive Cavity Pump 200 l/m @ 10 bar total head, inside slurry recycle,

PUMP DRIVE : Direct drive through electric clutch, pump drive is independent of agitator operation, reversible hydraulic engine,

AGITATION : Hydraylic paddle agitation and liquid recirculation, speed regulation.

AGITATOR DRIVE : Reversible, variable speed hydraulic motor.

DISCHARGE : Up to 35 m from end of hose.

DISTANCE NOZZLES : (1) narrow fan, (1) wide fan, (1) long distance

HOSE ATTACHMENT : two 25-50 mt each


WORKING WEIGHT * : 1.980 kg
*Working weights are approximate and do not include options or stored materials.

TECON has a policy of continuous product improvement, and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.
The same equipment can be used for Dust Control and Fire Extinguishing, something very useful for
landfill sites to have, but also for many small municipalities as an excellent fire fighting equipment.

 IDR 1000 A