Up Slop Riser

Pneumatic Up-Slope Riser Pump

The SUREFLO CP is an intrinsically safe pneumatic pumping system designed to remove leachate from up-slope riser pipes.
Easy installation and removal is achieved by mounting The pump on a special stainless steel wheeled trolley.
It is completely automatic and can run dry without Harming the pump. Alternatively it can be fitted with an automatic pneumatic level control system to reduce air consumption and energy.

Features :

- Flows from 0-5m3/hr
- Low air requirement 0-200 lit/min
- Low maintenance
- Robust construction
- Leachate resistant materials
- Easy to install
- Automatic
- Can run dry

Electric Up-Slope Riser Pump

The SUREFLO ES range is a specially designed automatic electric submersible pump package for extracting leachate from upslope riser pipes.
Mounted on a multi-wheeled stainless steel trolley, it is easy to install and remove and is capable of running over internal beads.
Designed to sit horizontally within the upslope riser sump it ensures that leachate heads above basal seals are kept to a minimum.
It is controlled by an internally-mounted pressure transmitter which not only controls the high/low levels but also provides a reading of the leachate head on a LED display at the surface.
Additional data logging or telemetry can be incorporated within the control panel where required.
Extraction is made easy by the provision of a heavy duty stainless steel wire and heavy duty hand winch.


- Flow rates from 1 to 45m3/hr
- Heads from 10 to 100 metres
- Can sit horizontally in sump
- Internal transmitter control
- Highly accurate level control
- Stainless steel construction
- Multi-wheeled carrier
- GRP control housing
- LED leachate head display
- Stainless steel wire & winch
- Easy to install
- Completely automatic


- Non obtrusive flow meter
- Data logging
- Flotel telemetry system
- Electric winch
- Re-circulation option
- Special HDPE head works
- Designed to suit application

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