Portable LMS G3

“LMSxi G3” System

Portable multi-channel environmental analyser with up to 14 different measurement and data logging.

Landfill & Contaminated Land Monitoring
CH4 (%), CO2 (%), O2 (%), LEL Atmospheric pressure (mbar),
borehole pressure (Pa) and gas flow rate (l/h)

Landfill Gas Extraction
CH4 (%), CO2 (%), O2 (%), LEL (%), Atmospheric pressure
(mbar), Pipeline pressure/vacuum (mbar), gas velocity (m/s)

Indoor Air Quality
CO2 (ppm), Carbon monoxide (ppm) Temperature and
Relative Humidity.

Environmental Surveys
By using the instrument in data logging mode, measurements can be made automatically over periods of up to several months.
Data is then downloaded directly into a PC or transmitted by mobile phone technology back to your office.
Heavy duty weatherproof enclosures are available.

Web based data Reporting
When using data logging for extended periods it is often more convenient to allow the data to be collected and reported using our data collection service.

Users can then access their data from their own secure web pages.

Other applications
- Laboratory
- Biogas analysis

icon Portable LMS G3 (231.1 kB)

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