Portable GFM 400 Series

MCerts Certified Portable Gas Analyser and Flow Meter
Optimised for Site Investigation and Peripheral Landfill Monitoring

Main features

- 5 gas analysis as standard (CH4, LEL(CH4) CO2, O2,CO and H2S) - two further optional gas channels
- Borehole flow, borehole pressure and atmospheric pressure measurements
- Optional temperature and velocity measurement
- All gas and flow channels MCERTS certified
- Display of PID compensation factors for accurate operation of PID sensors in CH4 rich atmospheres
- Hexane equivalent measurement of hydrocarbon vapours from common liquid fuel and oil spills
- Intrinsically safe EEx ib IIB T1

Borehole Flow Measurement
The built-in flow transducer is very robust. The transducer is calibrated up to 100 l/hr full scale measurement range but is tested at four times this "ow rate.
This allows unexpected short bursts of over-range flows to be tolerated without instrument damage.

HEXANE Channel
With the GFM435 when and if the methane sensor shows an over-range signal or abnormally high value
(a good indicator that other hydrocarbons are present in a borehole) the hexane value will remain valid and in range up to 2% allowing standardised
monitoring of other hydrocarbon vapours expressed as a percentage of hexane vapour equivalent.

PID Compensation Factor
The PID (Photo Ionisation Detector) is the standard instrument used to characterise hydrocarbons other than methane in a borehole.
However, the presence of methane attenuates the UV light of the PID quenching its signal and consequently de-sensitising its response.
The effect can be catastrophic.
Only a few percent of methane can make the indicated PID signal inaccurate by factors of 1/10th or more.

The GFM435 PID compensation factor is a figure derived from extensive testing of a range of common PID instruments.
Its value (1 – 10) must be used to multiply the PID reading to give an accurate measure of the total hydrocarbons in the borehole when methane is present.

The Gas Data GFM225 Stowcheck analyser is a portable carbon dioxide detector (with optional oxygen detection)

developed especially for the detection of people hiding in confined spaces such as trailers, rooms and vehicles.

Working primarily by detecting the elevated levels of carbon dioxide and reduced levels of oxygen percent in human breath,

the analyser uses a infra-red carbon dioxide sensor (0-10,000ppm) and an optional electrochemical oxygen cell.

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