Fixed System

“Click” System

Click! modular fixed systems are a simple but highly effective solution for on-line biogas analysis. Designed for easy self-maintenance and expansion, Click! systems give users greater flexibility over traditional on-line gas monitoring systems.

A typical Click! system installation contains all the necessary component parts such as gas analyzers, pumps, filters and switching valves that have a working or calibration life, and would possibly need to be changed during traditional service visits.
Designed for reliability and long service life downtime and minimized service visits.

Basic operational maintenance can be conveniently carried out by a qualified electrician.

- CH4 (Methane), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), O2 (Oxygen),CO (Carbon Monoxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide), NH3 (Ammonia), plus many more and are available in several ranges
- Continuous and timed sampling available
- Pressure and Flow measurement
- Temperature measurements
- Flow measurements using optional flow device
- Modular design for self maintenance
- Interface to orifice plates and pilot tubes
- 4-20 mA and digital input/output
- Remote Telemetry using GSM/GPRS, MODBUS, PROFIBUS etc.

Applications :
- Flare gas and flow monitoring for PPC regulations
- Landfill gas extraction gas and flow monitoring

Data logging
All data from the Click! System can be remotely downloaded using mobile phone technology and published to a secure area of, allowing customers to generate reports and view all data online.
This remote communication also allows users to enter gas alarm trigger levels and generate email and text alerts. The facilities also allow access advanced diagnostic tools and carry out software updates as required.

Specifications may be changed without prior notice.

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