Gas Analysers

Tecon supplies an extensive range of portable and fixed gas analysis instrumentation for a wide range of applications.

Whether you are growing mushrooms, managing landfill, operating an Anaerobic Digester plant or controlling a power station

Tecon has a gas analysis system that can help you.

Portable gas analysis instrumentation
Our GFM series of portable gas analysers use our proprietary high precision infra-red analysis of gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide supported by industry standard sensors for other gases such as hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, carbon monoxide and ammonia. Other gases can also be measured.

The instruments are used extensively in the control of landfill gas, biogas, contaminated land remediation, food storage, security, odour control, biofuels and many more.

Fixed installation gas analysis instrumentation
Complementing the portable instruments, the fixed System forms the heart of a family of fixed installations where single and multiple gases can be analysed with the results used to drive control signals to other plant or equipment. The Click! System fully supports remote monitoring using GSM, GPRS, PROFI-BUS, MODBUS, ETHERNET and many other industry standard protocols.

Instrumentation service and calibration
After sales care with instrumentation service, calibration and maintenance to ensure that owners receive the best performance from their instruments throughout their life and are able to meet the ever demanding requirements of environmental and industrial standards.

Gas Detection System
Fixed System
Portable LMS G2
Portable LMS G3
Portable GFM 400 Series
Data Logging

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