VW Crack Meter - VWCM-4000

VW Crack Meter - VWCM-4000

Designed to measure movement across surface cracks and joints in a number of civil engineering and mining projects.
They consist of a sensor outer body tube and an inner free-sliding rod which is connected at the internal end to a vibrating wire sensor by a spring. At the sensor end of the outer body and the external end of the rod anchors are attached which can be fixed either side of a crack to be monitored.
The gauge operates on the principle that a tensioned wire, when plucked, vibrates at its resonant frequency. The square of this frequency is proportional to the strain in the wire. Around the wire is a magnetic coil which when pulsed by a vibrating readout or data logger interface plucks the wire and measures the resultant resonant frequency of vibration.


-Concrete structures
-Stone & brick buildings
-Construction joionts
-Rock formations


-Simple to install and read
-High resolution & accuracy
-Internal thermistor
-Insensitive to long cable runs
-Datalogger compatible
-Ranges from 5 to 100mm
-Waterproof up to 18 bar

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