SW - Intermediate

“SW” High Performance Cover Material

This product developed as a cover for an intermediate use.

Intermediate covers have traditionally consisted of a layer of soil, that was often graded for encouraging surface water run-off, however, this method was rather inefficient and time consuming.
SW is a much better Daily Cover during moderate rain weather conditions. Is better to use for steep slope stabilization where lots amounts of soil would be needed to cover the waste and perfect erosion control under most adverse and difficult environments. It is advantageous for suppressing VOC’s & radon gas, controlling odors from contaminants, blowing litter, vectors and fires.

Covering inactive areas of the landfill’s working face with SW will economically reduce the amount of soil being used for cover, thus decreasing the amount of fuel, maintenance and labour used to operate heavy equipment for excavating, moving and placing this soil covering.
This are to be placed on active working faces of the landfill that won’t be covered with waste for an extended period of 14 to 60days (daily covers) or longer. Creates a uniform, encapsulating barrier that can last upwards of 6 to 8 months and can also integrated with SS40 additive, further extending the designed life of this intermediate use.
Is stronger and more durable than daily covers, and also less expensive than our long term cover material.
Is biodegradable, non-flammable, and non-toxic to workers. It is rated 0 (non-hazardous) for health, fire, and reactivity.

-1 unit = 1 chemical bag & 1 mulch bag
-1 unit mixes with 378 litres of water
-1 unit covers 112 - 135 m2

Duration: 6 to 8 months & even 12 months with SS 40

Designed to Use as :

-Steep slope stabilization & erosion control
-Excellent Daily Cover during moderate rain weather conditions
-VOC suppression
-Odor suppression during contaminated sediment excavation
-Odor suppression during excavation of old waste
-Radon gas suppression
-Fire Suppression tool in landfills
-Adheres to vertical surfaces
-Control blowing litter and dust control on hazardous waste sites
-Material Neutral allows grass seed and seeding
-Encouraging vegetation growth

icon SW Intermidiate (1002.75 kB)

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