"PG" Daily Cover

In all waste landfill sites in EU up today we use a layer of minimum compacted soil 15cm height as a daily cover so that waste remains covered until next day or more.

Our company supplies a range of technological materials in versions of one or two components, made of recycled paper with polymers that mixed with water forms a ecological thick viscous slurry, non flammable which then we can spray on top of the working area of waste at the end of the day.

The patented two-component system forms a very thin layer that covers the waste and provides an effective barrier for H2S gases, and other odors emanating from landfills or contaminated sediment. Its polymeric film-forming capability works wells at creating a barrier that suppresses radon gas and other volatile organic compounds.

A thin layer of only a few cm thickness covers the waste without the need placing soil. This reduce the operating costs of currying & applying soil but also increases the lifetime of the landfill site by improving the Cover Ratio of the landfill site.

The charts that follows show us the lost air space we earn by using alternate to soil products as daily cover.

“PG” Daily Cover

This product range is the ideal solution where we need an economical cover material for daily coverage of the working area in a landfill site.

The daily cover materials consists of two Components, either each in a two separate bag or mixed together in a single bag.
The two components are recycled fibers (paper mulch) and a unique chemical formula of engineered polymers.
When blended with water forms are combined into a single component; a thick viscous slurry that forms a thin layer when sprayed on the waste.

-Single Bag unit mixes with 250 - 380 litres of water
-Single Bag unit covers 100 - 175 m2
-Two-Bag unit = 1 chemical bag & 3 or 5 mulch bag
-Two-Bag unit mixes with 950 or 1.416 litres of water
-Two-Bag unit covers 560 to 880 m2

Depending the quantity of the chemical formula we will add in the mix we improve the features of the daily cover material.
The Daily Cover Products Duration is from 14 to 60 days depending on application.

Designed to Use as :

-Two-Component System Allows For Variability Of Mix Ratios
-Low Cost Odor Suppression System
-Low Cost Radon Gas Suppression
-Excellent Fire Suppression Tool In Landfills
-Adheres To Vertical Surfaces
-Control Blowing Litter Throughout The Day
-Fugitive Dust Control Media On Hazardous Site
-Vector And Bird Control In Landfills When Integrated With Other Products
-Reducing operational costs, saving valuable air space, and increasing the specific density of the waste are the additional benefits of using daily covers as opposed to soil.

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